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How to find a good flatshare?

Not only is it an economical solution, but it often allows you to meet new people and integrate into your city. But it is not always easy to find the perfect match, whether in France, abroad or simply in Ile-de-France. The Globe-Trotter Place team reveals its tips for finding an affordable roommate.


Flat-sharing is much more than sharing rent! To find the ideal roomie, look at websites such as Appartager, Lacartedescolocs, Roomeez….

Classic classified ad sites can also do the job, especially if you want to create a new flat share. Leboncoin may not be the best colocation website, but it is still a key one! and also publish ads for flats that accept shared accommodation.

Solidarity: shared accommodation in France and Île-de-France

Solidarity co-location reconciles the students’ need for cheap accommodation with the need to run certain working-class neighbourhoods. The solidarity-oriented roommates give a little of their time for projects that promote the living together in exchange for a low rent. Other solidarity co-location initiatives, such as Afev, are developing in France. This is also the case with La Maison de Marthe & Marie, which helps young mothers and pregnant women. It’s a good compromise when you also want to be socially responsible!

Intergenerational accomodation in Paris and France

The intergenerational sharing proposed by 1toit2generations or ensemble2generations allows young people to live with seniors. Young people benefit from the kindness of elders and older people no longer feel lonely and vulnerable: everyone wins!

Flatsharing abroad
Are you looking for a flatsharing abroad ? Each country obviously has the equivalent of our French roommate sites. But international sites covering many cities exist, to find the ideal flatmate in Montreal or Prague, such as Roompik, Roomster or Student. On the app side,, look at Wattamate or Whoomies.


There are also Facebook groups and pages. These pages are more informal and not subject to any legal regulations – with rare exceptions. That said, they are free tools that are often more effective because they are quickly updated! Perfect for finding the roomate of your dreams! In Île-de-France and Paris, we particularly recommand you:  

If you are not « connected », you still have the paper ad! Place it on the board of student institutions (schools, universities, preparatory high schools, etc.) or businesses in your neighbourhood. Word of mouth is the best colocation site!

Flatsharing: Beware of scams
When looking for accommodation on the web, never give personal information by email or telephone and visit the accommodation with someone. Good to know: subletting is generally prohibited by the tenant’s contract. If any problems arise, the subtenant has no recourse to justify its right to occupy this dwelling.

“A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your ability to repay before committing. “

Flat-sharing is an excellent solution for students and young adults who are struggling to find cheap accommodation. If you still have trouble paying your rent, there are solutions. Have you thought about the student loan? Run a simulation to see which solution would be right for you!

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